• Welcome to World Relief Memphis!

    In community with the local Church, World Relief envisions the most vulnerable people transformed economically, socially, and spiritually. Find more about us.

  • Advocate for the Vulnerable

    World Relief Memphis takes part in advocacy efforts for vulnerable foreigners. Follow us on social media @WRMemphis for updates and join us in praying for immigration reform and policies that make America welcoming to newcomers. Read More.

  • Volunteer with World Relief Memphis

    With the gift of your time, you can help provide one more refugee with social support and cultural guidance on their journey toward self-sufficiency. Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Welcome to World Relief Memphis!

World Relief Memphis began resetteling refugees in 2012. Our mission and prayer is that the local Church will embrace refugees, who have been forced to leave their country, culture, friends, and families for safety. World Relief empowers volunteers to help meet refugees' physical, relational, and spiritual needs. We are amazed by the courage of the people we serve.

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Who is a Refugee?

A refugee is someone who is threatened by ethnic, religious, or political persecution. Over 15 million people have gathered what belongings they could carry and escaped into another country. Many have lived in camps for over 10 years while waiting to go home. Some refugees are invited by the U.S. government to make another life changing move to the U.S. rebuild their lives in safety.

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