Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.

-Proverbs 31:8

NEW - Urgent Advocacy Needs - Winter 2021


You may have heard news reports that President Biden has proposed a new immigration reform bill to the U.S. Congress. We are hopeful and prayerful that our elected officials will finally resolve many of the long-standing problems in the U.S. immigration system – but we also know that this will happen only if our elected leaders are willing to work together in good faith to forge bipartisan consensus that has long been elusive.

This month, we suggest three ways you could be praying and two actions you could take to stand with vulnerable immigrants.

Please join us in praying:

  1. For Members of Congress, that God would grant them wisdom to know the right approach to reform U.S. immigration laws, the humility to work together across partisan lines to forge a consensus that could actually be passed into law and the courage to support positive legislation, whether or not they are convinced it would be politically expedient.

  2. For President Biden and his administration, that they would likewise have wisdom, humility and courage both as they help to negotiate immigration policy legislation through Congress and in the various administrative decisions that affect vulnerable immigrants.

  3. For immigrants whose lives and livelihoods are directly affected by these decisions made in Washington, D.C., for whom even following news reports of the back-and-forth in political negotiations can be exhausting and anxiety-producing. Pray that God would remind each of them that, as important as these policy decisions are, their worth is defined not by a vote or decree by any politician but by the biblical truth that they have been made in God’s image and are loved by Him

Then please also consider taking one or both of these actions:

Sign onto this letter to your state’s congressional delegation, urging them to forge the bipartisan consensus necessary to finally pass immigration reform -- and then reach out to others in your circles to encourage them to add their names.

You may also contact Congress directly! Contact congressional representatives with this message at (202) 224-3121 and you will be directed. OR you can contact direct:

  • Sen. Marsha Blackburn Email Form HERE or call at (202) 224-3344 @marshablackburn

  • Sen. Bill Hagerty Email Form HERE or call at (202) 224-4944 or (901) 544-4224 @senatorhagerty

  • U.S. House District 8 Representative David Kustoff at (202) 225-4714 @repdavidkustoff

  • U.S. House District 9 Representative Steven Cohen at (202) 225-3265 @repcohen

What is advocacy? Advocacy is using your voice, rights, and privileges to speak out against issues of poverty and injustice. This is done by influencing those in positions of power to promote changes to the policies and structures that are harming the most vulnerable and by ensuring that beneficial policies are maintained. This is also done by raising awareness within our personal circles of influence that leads to agreement and action on behalf of the most vulnerable.

Why advocate? In a world where good intentions often fail to translate into real action, advocacy is an accessible and effective way to stand for the vulnerable. If you have the privilege to vote or the ability to write in English to a legislator, you wield power that many refugees and immigrants lack. Using this power to speak up for the powerless helps to build a just society where all people have an equal chance to thrive.

Who does World Relief Memphis advocate for? In line with our mission to stand for the vulnerable, we focus our advocacy efforts on refugees and immigrants in the Memphis Area. While the struggles of these populations are similar to those of many Americans, refugees and immigrants face additional challenges of language, culture and policies that make them especially vulnerable.  

The Great Advocate: We at World Relief Memphis regard Jesus as humanity’s great advocate. He lived and died on our behalf. He empowered the poor, challenged unjust structures, and pleaded to God for our forgiveness. Over and over again, he intervened for disadvantaged people to bring redemption, renewal, and hope. Jesus calls us to follow his example by pleading the cause of mercy and justice in our communities, workplaces, and countries; and by advocating on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. This call to advocacy resonates throughout the Bible and compels us to act. 


Put words into action by volunteering with World Relief alongside refugees and immigrants in Memphis! Learn more about current volunteer opportunities HERE.