Prayer is one of our core values at World Relief, a priority and foundation to accomplishing our mission.

Prayer changes our perspective and our posture. It helps us recognize we are not in control, but we are seeking hope in the One who is. 
And so we are inviting you into a change journey of prayer as we start our new (fiscal) year. The Bible has a lot to say about God's heart for the vulnerable, including immigrants. Starting October 1, we are launching the "I Was A Stranger" 40-Day Scripture and Prayer Challenge. You can follow along with us on social media as we share one verse to read and meditate on each day. You can start the plan on the YouVersion Bible app. Or you can visit The Evangelical Immigration Table for printable bookmarks and downloadable graphics (like the one pictured here) in English and Spanish. And you can share the challenge with others, sparking a change movement. 

What change of perspective could come of this prayer challenge? What encouragement could we lend to our community by leaving other narratives aside and seeing our neighbors of all nationalities as people of worth, dignity, created in God's image? How might we pray more urgently for people forcibly displaced and strangers in new lands, including America? How would we pray differently about policies that affect them?

Start the "I Was a Stranger" Challenge with us today!