It’s difficult not to be overwhelmed and discouraged by the news coming from our Southern border and around the country. Divisive speech, stories of families living in fear and hateful crimes flood our news feeds. And if you’re like us, you want to know how you can fight back against this rising tide of fear and division. 

We want to tell you about a way that you can help, right here in Memphis.
It’s called the World Relief Connect Language Center!

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At World Relief Memphis, we believe every immigrant should be given the opportunity to become a thriving member of our community, and that one of the first steps along this journey comes with learning English.

That’s why today, we’re asking you to support the World Relief Memphis Connect Language Center

The Connect Language Center provides hundreds of immigrants in our community with a safe, nurturing and professional place to learn English. With your help, we’ll help our immigrant neighbors develop:

  • Language Skills: Courses provide accessible, high-quality English language practice.

  • Relationships & Community: Courses give immigrants the opportunity to connect with others who are on the same journey, experiencing the same struggles, as well as with local Memphis residents. Relationships between students, teachers, and volunteers often last a lifetime.

  • Dignity & Independence: Courses cover practical essentials like how to write a check; make a doctor’s appointment over the phone; get a driver’s license; and tell the date, time and weather. This prepares our students for real-life situations as quickly as possible. 

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For over 40 years, our Master’s educated ESL teachers have been setting standards of excellence across the country with our ESL curriculum and teaching. We are proud of our model, which offers both quality instruction and accessible courses in order to ensure the success of our students. This year, 87% of students at CLC achieved one level gain in their language skills.

English is a gateway to life in the United States. Without these critical English courses, immigrants remain isolated, disempowered and dependent, and our communities remain divided. The Connect Language Center helps overcome this barrier by providing hundreds of families with the opportunity and independence they need to rebuild their lives, as contributing members of our Memphis community. 


Will you give today to support our vision of a welcoming, unified Memphis?

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“Barbara and I met Badia and her family as they were close friends of a Syrian family that we had come to love and appreciate. They were a hard-working family and made the sacrifices needed to provide a good education for their children. As we considered their sacrifices, we were moved to assist in this simple way by giving her the chance to learn English, a basic requirement in making economic progress.” — Jim Pendleton

"The Missions Committee from Woodland Presbyterian [...] values the resource that Connect Language Center provides to help refugees learn the language of their new home. With their new language skills, the students are better able to engage in the local community by gaining employment to provide for their family and build relationships with their neighbors.” -Kelly Leggett, Woodland Presbyterian Church

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Here are just a few of the things your gift can do:

  • $60 pays one student’s registration fee at the CLC

  • $90 covers transportation costs for one student to attend a 10-week CLC course

  • $210 provides teaching supplies and textbooks for the CLC

  • $600 provides a scholarship to one student to attend a 10-week CLC course



When you join us in helping immigrants rebuild their lives in Memphis, you join us in the fight against fear and division in America. 

Thank you for your partnership. We couldn’t do it without you!

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