Employer Partners

In a labor market where it is challenging to find skilled dedicated craftsmen, World Relief Memphis is an excellent resource to find eager dedicated employees. A little patience and training on the employers part and they will discover people that have rich and diverse backgrounds. World Relief Memphis is a great partner and easy to work with, whether providing new employees or assisting in the transition for the employee. World Relief continues to provide a critical component to the growth of Slater Lumber and Millwork.

Bennet Slater, Slater Lumber and MIllwork

Varsity Facility Service has been working with World Relief since 2011.  The partnership has been a good one for Varsity.  All the staff at World Relief have been professional and easy to work with.  The refugees that I have brought on staff, have been a great addition to the team.  All have been hard working, good natured, and very eager to learn.  I especially like to learn from them and hear their life stories.  I have been humbled and have great appreciation for these people.  I will continue to work with World Relief and hope that anyone who is looking for hard working people will do the same. It is a good feeling to know you can help someone to reach the American dream.

Shawna Patterson, Varsity Facility Services

At Panda Express we are grateful for all the hard workers that have come to us. Each day is a new learning experience for everyone in the store, we are able to learn about different cultures and teach about our own. Some of my team barely spoke English when hired in and are now able to communicate with us about different things throughout the day. They are some of the strongest members in the store. My team really enjoys spending time together and growing together.

Brittany Brownwigg, Panda Express