Sarah's Unique Way to Bring Hope

            Many times in life there are certain issues that one may feel passionate about yet are left lost in inaction, wondering how to help. God’s call to help the foreign-born is one oft mentioned in the Bible. But knowing how can be difficult. If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than Sarah Brubaker and her HOPE mugs.

            Sarah’s passion for ceramics grew thanks to taking a class in college followed by a pottery vacation, after which her fire for the art was burning bright. She later moved to Memphis to help refugees by interning with Christ Community Health Center's refugee ministry services. Afterwards, she helped run a creative business (Ekata) for five years where she employed local refugees to craft unique jewelry, developing their entrepreneurial creativity and self-sufficiency. She now works at the Belltown Artisans as the Studio Manager, and runs her own business, Brukie Studio, a virtual shop of custom ceramics for remembering, celebrating, and living slowly. Reflecting on her varied experiences, she realized that running a creative business on her own could be possible.


         Still, her calling to help refugees remains. Using her skill and love of ceramics, she has launched her HOPE mugs. “I wanted to be able to extend the hope and freedom to dream to others.” When daydreaming about ways she could help, that word “hope” kept forming at the front of her mind. She elaborated on their stark black and white look by stating, “the light and darkness in the world. It’s hard to have hope in the darkness, but there can still be light, hope, and joy.” She decided that with every purchase of her hope mugs, she would donate $5 to World Relief. When gifting one of these mugs, you are spreading that message two-fold: The person who receives it is reminded of hope with every sip, and the proceeds help our ministry continue to serve refugees and immigrants here in Memphis.

            When asked, Sarah stated that she hopes her story can spread the message that while big donations are important, if you’re looking to help within your means, the little things matter just as much. Alone, a few dollars here and there aren’t going to change the world. But with many across the city doing their part in unique ways, change can come and help bring hope to those needing it most.

Check out Sarah’s Etsy page to purchase a hope mug today!

By Nathan Spencer, Communications Intern, University of Memphis

Photo Credit: Emily J Frazier, Emily Frazier Creative

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