Reception and Placement (R&P)

World Relief participates in a cooperative agreement with the United States Department of State to sponsor newly arrived refugees through the Reception and Placement (R&P) program. R&P provides initial services for their first 30-90 days in the country. The program is designed to help refugees achieve self-sufficiency and integration into American society. These initial services include access to housing, essential furnishings, food, clothing, community/cultural orientation, and employment services.

As part of the cooperative agreement, R&P also seeks to connect newly arrived families with volunteers and community members to help them along their path to self-sufficiency.  Because refugees arrive with what they can pack in a suitcase, R&P also seeks donations to fully furnish new refugee homes.

From the moment they step off a plane, new refugees are greeted at the airport by a caseworker who takes them to their new fully furnished apartment. Everything is new and unfamiliar. Every day becomes an opportunity to learn how to become self-sufficient.  Our caseworkers help them apply for a social security card, attend an initial health screening, register for school/English classes, and access other public services they may initially need. New refugees also attend orientation classes where they learn the basics of life in America; topics such as health/hygiene, safety, budgeting, immigration status, laws, and cultural practices. In everything, self-sufficiency remains the goal as this is the best way to success in their new life.


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Karissa Pletta, Resettlement Director