Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA)

The Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) program offers financial and casework services during the first eight months after arrival.  The minimal financial assistance is intended to support the basic expenses of clients while they are becoming self-sufficient.  Clients follow the strict requirements of the RCA contract, and in return receive monthly RCA checks that are used to pay their rent and utility bills.

The RCA program also employs several caseworkers that work to remove barriers to a client’s self-sufficiency.  Solutions to barriers can include medical appointments, transportation resource training, referrals to community resources, and guidance through institutional structures.  Caseworkers for the RCA program work with a client until either the case has reached self-sufficiency or until the eight-month mark. The RCA program refers clients to the Refugee Social Services (RSS) program for employment assistance and for longer-term casework needs.


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Karissa Pletta, Resettlement Director