Let World Relief Employment Services Meet Your Workforce Needs.

Who is World Relief?

World Relief has more than 30 years of experience connecting qualified, authorized and reliable employees with leading companies in the United States.

Who are Refugees? 

Refugees are men and women who have escaped religious, ethnic or political persecution in their homelands and are welcomed by the U. S. Department of State. They arrive with their legal status intact and are ready to work.

Why Hire Refugees?

Refugees are:

How can World Relief help you?

Free Employment services including:

  • Pre-screening Staff

  • Completed Refugee Documents and Paperwork

  • Transportation Assistance

  • On-the-Job Counsel to Employers

  • As Needed English Language Translation

Refugees are excellent employees:

  • Available at All Skill Levels
    Refugees range from highly educated professionals to skilled laborers. Whatever your employment need, we have a candidate for you.

  • Increase Productivity and Save Money
    Save your company thousands in marketing and temp agency bills. Call us with your staffing needs today.