Refugee Social Services (RSS)

The Refugee Social Services (RSS) program can serve clients for up to five years after their arrival in the United States and has two main components. First, it offers employment services. There are several employment specialists in the RSS program (including one job developer who seeks out new employer partnerships) who assist clients in finding appropriate employment. Employment specialists maintain contact with active RSS clients on the employment case load on at least a once-monthly basis. They use their time with the clients to discuss job opportunities, apply and interview for jobs, practice for upcoming interviews, and the like. The RSS program also includes casework for some clients, provided by RSS caseworkers. The overall goal of casework is teaching self-sufficiency, so the RSS caseworkers do not help clients for their full five years of eligibility. Instead, clients are always encouraged and empowered to complete tasks on their own, such as going to appointments and paying bills. Due to the variety of life circumstances that RSS clients have, the need for casework is determined on a case-by-case basis.


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