Volunteer Resources

We want to make sure our volunteers are well equipped to empower our new neighbors, because of this we have many resources that are available to you such as:

  • Airport Arrival Guide

  • American Grocery Store Guide

  • Banking/Budgeting Lesson (for clients)

  • Case Timeline

  • DMV Information

  • Explanations of Cash Assistance and Insurance for Families and Single Refugees

  • Explore Memphis Free Days

  • Google Translate (has a great app!)

  • How to Apply for Green Card

  • How to Apply for Marketplace Insurance

  • How to Christ Community Health Services Doctor Appointment

  • How to Health Department

  • How to Immunizations (first and second round)

  • How to Lab Visit

  • How to Move to Another Place

  • How to Pay MLGW

  • How to Physical at Christ Community Health Services

  • How to Schedule Dental Appointments

  • How to Social Security Memphis

  • How to Transfer MLWG into Client's Name

  • How to Update Info and Request TennCare Cards

  • How to WIC (Women, Infant, and Children)

  • Monthly Guide for Serving a Family

  • Riding the Bus

  • Step by Step Transportation through TennCare

  • Tax Information

  • Time Tracking App (Now called "Track It Forward")

  • The 7 Ways to Prepare for a Home Fire

  • US Money Lessons (for clients)

  • and More!


Note: While we want you to be well equipped we do not want to overwhelm people with unnecessary information. Customized files will be made available to you once you have been paired up with a family and will be covered in more detail during Good Neighbor Team Training. Refugee Resettlement is often unpredictable and processes often change. This means that the information that is available may change or be adapted over time. This is simply a guide to let you know the types of resources that may be available to you.


Want to learn more? 

Karen Spencer, Mobilization Director 
901.341.0228 | kspencer@wr.org